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A roof (tent) over your head (EN)

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The roof top tent concept is rumored to have started in Australia. Which makes sense, as the elevated position provides excellent protection against the critters and creatures of the outback. But roof top tents are certainly also an interesting option for camping trips in more moderate climates without dangerous predators or giant insects. Rameder offers suitable roof racks at

Whether you choose a classic soft shell roof tent or a hard shell version, these sleeping quarters fit on any car and always offer three great advantages: a lower price compared to a mobile home, fast setup and the elevated position that protects against damp and cold from underneath. Both tent types have their own advantages and disadvantages, though. A hard shell tent, for example, is heavier, but also more robust than a standard roof top tent. A soft folding roof top tent, on the other hand, can offer a larger living area because, once unfolded, it extends beyond the car and also provides shelter on the ground. Hard shell tents are particularly quick to set up. When packed away on the roof of the car, they look very similar to a standard roof box. The tent is deployed from this "fake" roof box using a manual crank or a convenient gas-filled strut. There is a large variety of models to choose from. Before buying, you should carefully consider which requirements the miniature mobile home has to meet for your planned trips.

All tent variants require a sturdy roof rack. This is where Rameder comes in. The expert for towbars also offers a wide range of universal roof racks from different manufacturers. Once you have chosen a tent, you should check the associated manufacturer's recommendations and then select the correct roof rack for your vehicle. Rameder offers an individual search function based on the vehicle model at Our advice: To achieve good weight distribution, the roof bars should be as far apart as possible and the tent weight should be placed on it evenly.

But what about the maximum roof load, which is usually between 75 and 100 kilograms? This figure is actually only relevant while the vehicle is in motion, as the weight could be multiplied in sharp bends or while braking. If the rack is overloaded, the high center of gravity can quickly compromise the safety of the vehicle. But while the car is stationary, these factors can be neglected and using a roof top tent with several people is no problem. So all you need now is somewhere exciting to set up your new lofty abode…


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